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Reasons why I Love Tamora Pierce: Food Fight Edition

'Someone passed Kel one of the long, thin loaves of bread served with soup. Before Neal could go on, his friends attacked him with the loaves, battering him until the bread fell to pieces. Neal brushed crumbs off his clothes and fixed them with his loftiest glare. “Soulless, heartless pages that you are,” he said,”I ignore you.” ’ - Page Pg. 168 


“Meet anyone worth having a conversation with?” Neal asked wickedly.
“You mean relatives of yours?” Kel asked, all innocence. “You know, Neal, I think your branch was cheated when they handed out brains, because Dom—” She ducked the roll Neal threw at her. - Squire  Pg. 123

I know there are lots more - but these are my personal favourites! (Mostly because Neal is the best!)

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Reasons Why I Love Tamora Pierce: Threatening Nealan of Queenscove Edition

Here is a great recurring threat in the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce that appears in the first and last book in the quartet. I love how she references back to it - it’s so fun to catch things like this and go ‘Oh yeah! I remember that!’ It makes you feel so much more a part of the story and the world. 


"Excuse me, Your Lordship, but am I older or younger today?" Neal asked.
"One day I will tie that insolent tongue of yours in a knot”

- First Test Pg. 106 


“Don’t call Lord Wyldon that,” she told him as they rode out of Bearsford. “I doubt he’s forgotten you. He never threatened anyone else that he’d tie his tongue in a knot.”
"Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary," Neal said, nose in the air.
"Well, I have a vocabulary," said his father, riding behind them. "and I have often wished I could tie your tongue in a knot. Several of them. I can describe them, if you like.”

- Lady Knight Pg. 56

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