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I rubbed the lamp and out it shot,
Into the night and lit the dark;
The genie raised its head to me,
And clicked its fingers with a spark.

'I offer just a single wish',
He spoke, and so I made a plan;
And seconds later I had said,
‘I only want to be batman!’

'Tis done,' he said with swift reply,
And snapped his fingers round my head…
And it was freaking awesome ‘til,
I found out that my folks were dead.

Poem_for_your_sprog, Reddit

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Good story, an embracing of the Greek mythology and history, and a Diana that is clearly her own agent. Amazons who are worthy of the name, not in the sense that they’ve amputated a breast, but in the sense that they are not-to-be-fucked-with. Little-to-no romance. A costume that makes more sense. An epic sword fight. A thematic core that addresses the questions of xenophobia v. inclusion, and nature v. nurture, and that takes the core feminism of the concept and instead of apologizing for it or avoiding it, embraces it as a given, so it is simply there, rather than being what it’s about.

Mostly, one that embraces the character rather than apologizes for her.

Greg Rucka, on what he wants to see in a Wonder Woman movie (via thehappysorceress)

(via themyskira)

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